A Moment of Truth seminar, UCD 2012.

In June 2015, 4 students and 1 Professor from Bethlehem University came on an exchange visit to Ireland. The aim was to forge links with Irish universities and student leaders.

Students Lara Kasbari, Mira Amer, Osama Jundi and Elias Khalileh were accompanied by Professor Jamil Khader, Dean of Research.

Below is Mira Amer’s report on her visit:

I’m Mira Amer, a typical university student who’s majoring in physiotherapy. I just happened to be one of the students who were lucky enough to be chosen for the delegation that went to Ireland in June this summer with Professor Jamil Khader.

Ireland has been the country that I always longed to visit and as a ‘bookworm’ my favourite place in it was the Trinity College Library. I’ve always seen that place in pictures and in films but never thought I’d go there even in my wildest dreams. I went there, but I won’t start describing cause well.. Don’t ever ask a bookworm to describe a library unless you’re okay with listening to hours of endless talking. I won’t bore you with it now and I’ll share my story of going to Ireland with you.

When I knew that I was chosen to go there happiness consumed me. Everything went as it was planned, we were prepared and to Ireland we went.

It’s been 7 months since I joined the Ambassadors Program in Bethlehem University. Thanks to Dimitri Awwad who chose me for both the program and the visit to Ireland.

The program was my way to make my voice heard and share my side of the story about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and how it affects my life as a student. Whilst in the same time how I as a student can help improve the situation and make the future look a little bit brighter cause to me education was my weapon. It’s the only thing that cannot be taken away from you even if the last penny you had was robbed.

I met so many amazing people in Ireland whom everyone of them left an impact wether it was big or small they all did. The greatest was that of John Kelly who tried his best to make us feel welcomed and not so far away from home. Feargal Hynes, the previous president of UCD that was the university that welcomed us to its dorms, was one of the amazing people that I met there and will never forget. The fact that he agreed on “four hours of shopping” with Lara and I says enough. I met so many other people whom each left their kind of footprints. They all played a part in what made Ireland a steppingstone to what more I want to achieve in life.

Thanks to Dr. Irene Hazou’s efforts to make the four of us go my trip to Ireland gave me a chance to make my voice heard on an international level. I was so nervous at first but then things got easier. It was my first time ever traveling abroad but I’m sure it’s always going to be the best.