The Friends of Bethlehem University in Ireland is registered under the Charities Act 2009 and is regulated by the Charities Regulator. The Registered Charity Number is 20013721 and is authorised as an ‘eligible’ charity according to the Finance Act 2001 with Revenue Number RCN 20013721.

Codes of Conduct and Best Practice Policies

The Friends of Bethlehem University in Ireland has adopted the following codes of good practice:

  • The Governance Code
  • Code of Conduct for Trustees (UK)
  • Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising
  • Charity SORP
    (Statement of Recommended Practice, Accounting and Reporting by Charities)

Compliance with The Governance Code

A paper on the actions flowing from the Charities Governance Code and other best practice policies was considered in detail at the Board meeting on 12 November 2019. Full compliance with the Governance Code and other adopted policies remains a work in progress, disrupted by lack of in-person Board meetings due to the Covid 19 pandemic restrictions. Progress towards full compliance is being annually reported through the FBUI Annual Report.

Board Members, Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Loyalties

In this context the Charities Governance Code defines a conflict of interest or loyalties as any situation in which a Board Member’s or Trustee’s personal interests could prevent them, or even just appear to prevent them, from making a decision in the best interests of the community of scholars in Bethlehem University. Potential interests and loyalties of the Board and Trustees are listed below:

Deignan, Stephen Retired School Principal, De La Salle Brothers.
Durac, Vincent Associate Professor of University College Dublin.
Holohan, Niall Former Irish Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.
Former Irish Department of Foreign Affairs.
Representative to the Palestinian Authority.
McEvoy, Peter  
Moylan, Isolde Former Irish Ambassador to Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Sudan and Tanzania.
Observer to the Arab League.
First Irish Resident Representative to the Palestinian Authority, Ramallah.
Richardson, Mark Professor Emeritus of University College Dublin.
Board Member, Lord Edward Fitzgerald Memorial Fund