A Moment of Truth: A word of faith, hope, and love from the heart of Palestine suffering

Kairos Palestine’s A Moment of Truth: A word of faith, hope, and love from the heart of Palestine suffering was published in 2009. It was the first time that lay people, churches of various denominations and Palestinian Christians spoke with a single voice on the Palestine-Israel situation. In 2012 the Friends of Bethlehem University in Ireland hosted a gathering at UCD’s Global Irish Institute to explore with one of the document’s co-authors the powerful peace propositions of the Kairos Palestine document.

The meeting was addressed by Bethlehem University’s then Dean of Arts, Professor Rev. Fr. Jamal Khader, one of the document’s co-authors, and by the Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University, Br. Peter Bray. The speakers described the struggles experienced by Palestinian students attempting to attain third level education in a hostile environment.

Fr. Jamal

Brother Peter Bray, FSC, EdD

The Kairos Palestine document declares that the military occupation of Palestine is a sin against God and humanity and it cries out to the international community to stand by the Palestinian people who have faced oppression, displacement, suffering and clear apartheid for more than six decades.

The Irish public has demonstrated a tremendous curiosity and empathy for Palestine and the text of the Kairos Palestine document presents a powerful statement from which to conceive a broader awareness of and support for students struggling totranscend their battle-scarred, native origins. Perhaps because of our own difficult history of centuries of occupation including formal educational privations, we Irish understand that education is both a basic birthright and the fundament by which people can develop intellectually and prosper.

Kairos Palestine’s A Moment of Truth (PDF).